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Hi, I’m Jared! I help maintain Ruby open source software like Bridgetown and Ruby2JS, and I work as a consultant with Whitefusion. is my pet project. ☺ Find me on Twitter @jaredcwhite.

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Everything You Need to Know About Destructuring in Ruby 3

How improved pattern matching and rightward assignment make it possible to “destructure” hashes and arrays in Ruby 3.

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Ruby on the Frontend? Choose Your Weapon

We all know that Ruby is a great language to use for the backend of your web application, but did you know you can write Ruby code for the frontend as well?

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If Ruby Had Imports…

Sometimes it’s bonkers how much you have to import in other languages in every file before you get to the actual code. Thankfully Ruby provides a better way.

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Where Do Ruby Blocks Come From?

Let me set the mood, because it’s time to get reflective. Here’s your primer on block bindings, local variables, receivers, and more.

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